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Mission of MBU


From the website of the Masters Business Unit

Deceased Estates division

This division of the Master's office supervises the administration of deceased estates. The purpose is to ensure an orderly winding up of the financial affairs of the deceased, and the protection of the financial interests of the heirs”.


"A dynamic, business like, commercially-viable Masters Division dedicated to the pursuit of service excellence"


"To provide efficient, cost effective and specialized services of supervision, custodianship, arbitration and information regarding Deceased and Insolvent Estates and Trusts. To serve Estate practitioners, beneficiaries of Estates and Trusts, minors and mentally challenged persons in South Africa for the purpose of safeguarding those beneficiaries' financial and proprietary rights."

Core Values

· Transparency
· Accountability
· Fairness
· Speed
· Excellent customer service
· Cooperation
· Justice for all

The Reality- According to Roy and Barbara Volkwyn

In the case of the Estate of the Late IT Volkwyn, there is after two and a half years, no sign of an orderly winding up. Not the slightest hint of service excellence. Loopholes and/or flaws in the Administration of Estates Act and the Wills Act basically permit the Master or an Assistant Master to do as they please, to ignore complaints, accounts of fraud or attempted fraud, and evidence of malpractice by an executor. The Master can act with impunity and totally disregard warnings even from Estate Administrators employed in the Masters Office.

Challenging a Masters decision, for an example a decision to retain an executor who is clearly not performing his of her duties as stipulated in the Administration of Estates Act, has to be challenged in the High Court. This will cost at the very least, R10 000 to R20 000, and could well cost several times this amount. Only the wealthy are thus able to challenge a Master’s decision.

For the people earning a small income, the unemployed, the poor or the destitute, Legal Aid, Law Clinics and so forth simply do not work, as an heir is likely to get the services of an inexperienced attorney who is clueless about the Administration of Estates Act.

In the case of the Estate of the Late IT Volkwyn, the press were unwilling to carry the story. Publicising the story on the web was thus seen as the only manner in which the poor service of the Masters Business Unit could be brought to public attention.