The Brutal Murder of Michael by the SAPS on 13/5/2015




I have also decided not to publish any more details about my late brother's murder and how I concluded that it was not a suicide which is what the South African Police Services wanted everyone to believe. When Michael's murder docket gets to court I will talk and write about it. It took months of searching walls centimeter by centimeter, carpets and floorboards, litres of BlueStar and Luminol to reach that conclusion. Expert opinion merely added weight to my findings. A forensics expert warned "don't let them know how much you know; that will give them time to come up with a counter claim (or words to that effect)". I am definitely not retracting anything I have already stated on social media and to various people - it's the truth. I am merely not divulging more information. I trust no-one except myself.

It's fairly easy for anyone to view the autopsy report and the crime-scene photographs to realize that Michael was did not commit suicide, was not shot and killed in the passage as the SAPS would like you to believe but that is all I'm prepared to say.