About Isaac Volkwyn



Born : 28 June 1908    Died : 23 March 2002

Born : 11 November 1952     Died : 13 May 2015



Was born in George on the 28th June 1908.  He later came to Cape Town to further his education and became a teacher at Battswood.  He taught at Wesley Training College, in De Aar, Touwsriver and many other schools.  During his teaching career he furthered his studies through Unisa and became the first coloured lawyer and notary public in 1950.  He studied law so that he could help the underpriviledged.

  He married Doris Essex in 1950 and had 4 children, Diana, Michael, Roy and Barbara and later 6 grandchildren and thereafter 2 great grandchildren.

  He was a man of integrity and never forgot his origins - a man's humanity comes first.  His basic approach to racial barriers was not so much to complain about them as to ignore them, by concentrating on the sheer quality of his work.  Isaac Volkwyn was a powerful individualist, given to sudden passions which have in some respects been tempered with time, and in others not. He could sometimes be single-minded and even obstinate in his cause and never feared to take up a crusade single-handedly. He was a religous, humble, caring and an extremely forgiving man, a man of few words and rather reserved.

He was a also a keen golf player and gardener and played golf up until the time of his death. For many years up until the time of his death he grew the most beautiful orchids, tending to them on a daily basis even though they only bloomed once a year! I have placed one of the types of orchids he grew on the home page of this website.

He was extremely health conscious and believed in homeopathic remedies and the medicinal properties of herbs. He shared these remedies with many family members and friends. He used to exercise regularly on his exercise bicycle and later his treadmill. He loved reading and studied german up until the time of his death.